Quality management
A.M.L. has established a quality management system, successful and progress to ensure patients and prescribing procedures a guarantee. The laboratory makes all the necessary resources available for this, so that correct and reliable results are guaranteed, as well as their rapid reporting and their confidentiality.

The three pillars of the quality management system:

  • the organization (the business management system)
  • the competence (of the clinical biologists, molecular biologists, pathologist anatomists, veterinarians, veterinary pathologists and of the executive staff)
  • the laboratory investigations (the technical and analytical validations)

Quality objectives and Internal audits
The laboratory will conduct quality objective evaluations and schedule internal audits to demonstrate that the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes are performed in a manner that meets the requirements of the applicants, to ensure that they are compliant with the quality management system and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

National and international quality control programs
A.M.L. participates in many national and international quality control programs, such as Sciensano (Belgium), SKML (Netherlands) and G-EQUAS (Germany). As a result, the laboratory results are standardized and their quality and stability over time are guaranteed and checked.

A.M.L. has a recognition for clinical biology (approval number 8-11653-43-998) and a recognition for pathological anatomy (approval number 8-11977-10-997) as required by Belgian law. In this way, the Royal Decree of 3/12/1999 is met, as a result of which the patient can benefit from reimbursement of medical care.

BELAC accreditation & scoop
A.M.L. has been accredited since 1995 by the Belgian Accreditation System BELAC. The BELAC accreditation guarantees you, the client, that all phases of the laboratory activities are carried out in accordance with the international ISO standard. BELAC regularly audits A.M.L. for this purpose.

Below you can always consult our accreditation certificates for both human and veterinary medicine with accompanying scope, the detailed list of accredited analyses.

Accreditation Certificate AML 030-MED, ISO-15189
Scope Human Medicine

Accreditation Certificate AML 030-TEST, ISO-17025
Scope Veterinary Medicine

Publication Date:
June 16, 2022 (09:06)