For the physician

Since the lab performs many analyzes on a daily basis, most results are available the same day. The reports are delivered by our own couriers, by courier or by post.

In addition to complete reports, incomplete reports can also be supplied on request.

If you tick the box ‘Tel (urgent)’ on the application form, the results will always be communicated by telephone. Strongly pathological results are always phoned by the medical secretariat, regardless of whether they have been requested urgently or not.

Electronic transmission of results via eHealthBox is preferred. If an EMD (Electronic Medical Dossier) is available, the results can be immediately written into the patient file in this way.

In addition, the patient results can also be consulted online via Lab Online, QuickLab or ConsultIT. More information about this is available through the Information Centre.

If, in addition to the current results, you also want the previous results on a patient’s report, the ‘cumulative report’ box must be ticked.

If an applicant wishes to provide a copy to a colleague, the name and address must be stated in the space provided.

All data noted on the application form will be included on the report, so that it can be checked for accuracy by the applicant. After all, the reference values ​​for certain analyzes differ according to age and gender.

The patient can obtain his results by telephone if the applicant completes the ‘communicate to patient’ field. If the applicant wishes the patient to receive a copy of the results, check the box labeled ‘Copy to patient’ or write under ‘Copy to:’ patient.

You can always contact the laboratory to make arrangements regarding the collection of samples, the method of reporting or for additional questions about other facets of our services.

For the patient

Results of a laboratory test are primarily made available to your requesting physician. A correct interpretation of the result can only be done correctly in combination with other medical information that only your requesting physician has.

As a laboratory, we are not allowed to pass on results to the patient, unless this has been explicitly requested by the requesting physician.
Partly due to privacy legislation, the mailing of personal and medical data is prohibited.
However, this does not alter the fact that as a patient you still remain the owner of your own results and therefore you also have the right to consult your medical data.

To comply with this right, you as a patient can view your medical data at any time via the CoZo platform. Our laboratory always makes the results of a laboratory study available to the CoZo platform 1 day after the report is complete.
In addition to laboratory results, other information will also be available on the CoZo platform such as therapeutic relationships, medical imaging, vaccinations, medication schedules, file logging, etc.
All necessary information about logging in and using CoZo can be found on their website. It is very useful that CoZo also provides an app.

Publication Date:
November 16, 2021 (10:29)